My Story

My name is Curt Godwyn Hardy and I was born in Plaisance, Guyana, South America. I am a gospel artist who since the age of nine years, have been singing to glorify God to several audiences across the world live. This is my first album release, which is the first of more to come for CG Ministries.

I started singing Solos in Plaisance SDA Church, Guyana, South American, as did my cousin Conrad Bobb-Semple. I sang in concerts, Banquets, funerals, weddings, and church service along the East Coast. Not only did I sing solos but sang in my late aunt’s choir, which was more fun in the practice sessions than when the nerves set in at the actual events. Conrad and I later came together along with the Assaye brothers, Richard and Ivor to form a quartet. We never had a name but acquired the name from singing on the East Coast and my brother Dale having to come up with a name on the spot at an event- The Hebrew Boys. I continued singing through the years and God has blessed me to live in several parts of the world, some of it as a missionary and other places for studies and work.

My ministry continued wherever I lived - Trinidad, Grenada, America, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, and of course South Africa. I have also been blessed with a lovely family, my wife Heather whom I met in Taiwan, my son Carlyle, and my daughter Harper. They are my second support structure. My first support structure is my mom, Edna who always wanted to know what I am singing at an event and wanted to hear it first and I would go off somewhere with my tape and cassette and practice. I always wanted her to hear the songs live but she wanted to hear the practice. I am from a family of siblings that are support structure through thick and thin, though we live in different geographic locations.

I never really imagined completing a CD and I always believed that God wants me to interact vocally with people in person and not from a CD. It also seemed like a huge task. The inspiration for this CD is my mother. I could not think of a gift to get her for her 80th birthday but then I thought of a CD project of Hymns for her. I took her favourite songs and those of my siblings and Wife. I discussed this with TJ Lupepe one day. He said let’s make it happen and with his help, God's help, my wife, my brother, Robin Hardy, and Don Laka, a musical legend and genius, we made it happen. So here we are today!!!

A Sponsor

A Sponsor